We are the only one, and the number one importer and distributor forthe pollen extract for the last two decades in Thailand Laos, and Cambodia.

Guaranteed by our consumers for 1 million bottles sales a year   

Research studies have shown that pollen grain has over 300 nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals for cellular regeneration.


 High CAP-e, which helps the body to absorb vitamins and minerals.


 High antioxidative activity, which improves the skins and also has anti-ageing properties.



Scientifically shown to reduce prostate inflammation from hormones overexpression in mice.

Contains a high concentration of nucleotides, which helps stimulatinginterferon synthesis. This stimulates the activity of the white blood cells and boosts immune response.  

Reduce the adverse effects of cancer chemotherapy


As it boosts immune response, this helps people to recover from any inflammation and the common cold.


Reduce any side effects caused by the menopause.