Pollinal™ contains large amount of amino-acids, chelated minerals (Zinc, Iron & Potassium) and Vitamin B6 which are easily assimilated to synergistic effect in the body and improve your nutritional absorption.


Brand : Pollitin


Each Tablet Contains: 

Potassium (Gluconate)170.00 mg.
Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate 20%50.00 mg
Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate 10%30.00 mg
Vitamin B601.31 mg

Potassium helps the functioning of cells, heart, kidneys, nerves and muscles


  • Increase vitality and reduces tiredness during or after strenuous activities
  • Relief of muscle cramps


Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate enables the iron to go through the digestive process without being broken down and gets carried into the cells with amino acid for more efficient absorption.


may prevent low iron blood levels

Iron increases the blood hemoglobin level and pevent fatigue

Benefit during pre-natal and post-natal period


Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate is an essential micronutrient that’s vital to your health and has a positive effect on immune system.


  • Triggers the production of testosterone and growth hormone in men
  • Supports your body’s protein production
  • Accelerates the wound healing process


Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin, an essential vitamin that helps the formation of amino acids and is important in the building of different types of proteins. And help build immune substances for the body


  • Contribute to improving strength & building muscles in the body.
  • Helps the body to absorb protein and fat better.
  • May help creating neurotransmitters that regulate mood

Thai FDA Serial number 10-1-10651-5-0009


HOW TO USE:  Take 1-2 tablets daily, 10-15 minutes before meals or on an empty stomach, followed by a glass of warm/normal temperature water.

PRECAUTIONS:  Read the warning label before consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

STORAGE:  Store in a cool and dry place, below 25C°. Protect from light and moisture. Product should be kept out of children's reach. Do not use if package is opened or damaged. 

*Exposure to moisture may cause discoloration of the tablet but does not affect product potency