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Polliton™ contains 63.00 mg. Flower Pollen Extract. it supplies vital nutrients to the body and cells (including all essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and enzymes) as well as improving immune function and various health applications.


Brand : Pollitin


Each Tablet Contains:

Flower Pollen Extract G6060.00 mg
Flower Pollen Extract GFX3.00 mg


Pollen Grains contain all the substances that are necessary to create new life in plants. Flower Pollen, derived primarily from rye grass (Secale cereal), is the male seed of flowers that enables flowering plants to reproduce. Flower Pollen Extract is natural and organic cellular food supplement that provides a full spectrum of nutrients. 

Pollen Extract G60 is a water-soluble portion

Pollen Extract GFX is lipid-soluble portion

Pollen Extract G63 is made up of two portion (a water-soluble and lipid-soluble portions)


  • Improves absorption of vitamins, minerals, and trace element from food consumed
  • Boost high levels of antioxidants according to oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC)
  • Provides the body with full spectrum of essential nutrients to promote healthy function
  • Supplies vital nutrients to the body and cells (including all essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins, carotenoids, minerals, phytosterols, and flavonoids)
  • Prevents the production of free radicals, and triggers a series of biochemical events that renders the immune system more potent, supporting health and well-being
  • Reduces the size and congestion of prostate cells
  • Improve urinary flow rate and clearance
  • May improve symptoms of chronic prostatitis and prostadynia. Studies have been shown to improve BHP symptoms.
  • Helps wound healing, recovery from common colds and flu


Thai FDA Serial number 10-1-10651-1-0005

HOW TO USE:  Take 4-6 tablets daily, 10-15 minutes before meals or on an empty stomach, followed by a glass of warm/normal temperature water.

PRECAUTIONS:  Read the warning label before consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

STORAGE:  Store in a cool and dry place, below 25C°. Protect from light and moisture. Product should be kept out of children's reach. Do not use if package is opened or damaged. 

*Exposure to moisture may cause discoloration of the pollen extract but does not affect product potency